Terms and Conditions

Terms of service / Prohibited activities / Fair use policy / Subscriptions

Terms of service

These are the terms of service that you agree to by registering and using the services of VPNTT. It is only under these conditions that VPNTT allows users to use its service. VPNTT is not a service to be used for criminal acts. It is an Internet security and privacy service. You accept not to violate any law of any jurisdiction that you are originating from. It is user’s responsibility to know and comprehend any and all relevant laws related to any jurisdiction or venue that concerns you and your actions.

VPNTT will not be liable in any way or form for actions done by its users including criminal liability and civil liability for harm executed or not executed beyond any money paid to VPNTT for its services by a specific individual.

You agree to preserve your username/password and the VPNTT system from unauthorized usage. You are responsible for every single action that occurs on VPNTT where your username/password was used for establishing the VPN connection.

You agree not to use our services for port scanning, sending spam, sending opt-in email, scanning for open relays or open proxies, sending unsolicited e-mail or any version or type of email sent in vast quantities even if the email is lastly sent off through another server. It is forbidden to launch any pop-ups from our service. You accept not to assault in any way or form any other network or computer while using our services.

VPNTT is intolerant about exploiting children photographically, digitally or in any other way.

VPNTT allows a maximum of three simultaneous connections per account. That includes proxy connections, and each of them counts as a separate slot.

Liability of VPNTT Service

You accept not to give or share your username and password to others.

VPNTT, its owners, employees, agents and others that are involved with the VPNTT services are not in any way or form liable for any harm of any sort executed or not executed, resulting from or arising through or from the use of any account registered with VPNTT services.

In any event, VPNTT will never be liable for any monetary harm beyond what the client paid to VPNTT, and this shall not include attorney fees or court costs irrespective of any laws or statutes that may be treated otherwise. That is our binding agreement when you accept these terms of service.

Prohibited activities

Criminal Activity: VPNTT account will be terminated for any client who commits any of these criminal actions in or through our service using our resources: use of stolen credit cards, credit card fraud, PayPal fraud, bank fraud, App Store fraud, Google Play fraud, mail fraud, extortion, blackmail, kidnapping, rape, murder, sale of stolen credit cards, sale of stolen goods, sending email or operating websites to perform identity theft, hacking, pharming, phishing, or spamming of any form. In addition, VPNTT forbids web scraping through its service in any form or scale.

That is the whole agreement. VPNTT may rewrite the terms of service from time to time. The terms of service become binding from the time it is updated on our website. It is the responsibility of the client to check for the new Terms of Service periodically.

VPNTT can terminate any user account for violating terms of service instantly without refund and notice or suspend the account until clarification, investigation or the user comment. If your account has been suspended, you must contact us in order to see if the case can be rectified. We shall wait a reasonable period of time before we close a user account permanently and shut down all billing.

Fair use policy

VPNTT bandwidth is subject to a fair use policy. This entails that service usage with regards to bandwidth is unlimited within reason. If reasonable bandwidth is exceeded VPNTT has the right but not the obligation to throttle or terminate the account in question for the remainder of the billing cycle.

For Free connections the reasonable usage limit is subjective to the judgement of VPNTT. For premium VPN service the reasonable usage limit is set at 1TB per month. That is to say 1024 Gigabytes of data. VPNTT has the right to change these reasonable usage limits at any time.

Privacy policy

VPNTT will make no active efforts to document, observe or modify any content a user transmits or receives through VPNTT service. (see Privacy Policy for more details)

With that said, VPNTT does not endorse any criminal activity perpetrated by using the Service. Therefore, VPNTT reserves the right to suspend or terminate an account in case any violation of the Terms of Service becomes apparent. As VPNTT protects and respects customer privacy, it does not log or track their activity in any way. However, in the eventuality that VPNTT would find out about an offense outside of those means (i.e., a customer would notify VPNTT of them having done so), it would have the right to suspend or terminate the account.


VPNTT Services are available to you upon registration on the Site. By subscribing to the Services, you agree to become a subscriber for the period you have elected. A full list of subscription plans and pricing is available on the Site. VPNTT reserves the right to amend subscription fees or institute new fees at any time upon reasonable advance notice posted on the Site or sent via email. Any changes to the pricing will not affect the Subscriber’s current subscription period and will become effective upon subscription renewal.

Refund policy

If you wish to claim a refund, you can do so within 30 days following your purchase of VPNTT service. We want you to be fully satisfied with our services. However, we will troubleshoot an issue you experience first. There are several nuances to a VPN service configuration and we solve 99% of issues encountered. VPNTT reserves the right to suspend, terminate, or refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason. No refunds will be considered for accounts deleted for violation of our Terms of Service.

Subscriptions purchased via the iTunes/App Store are subject to iTunes/App Store refund policies. This means we cannot grant refunds if you purchased an app directly through the iTunes/App Store – you will have to contact the iTunes/App Store support for that. Payments made using pre-paid cards or gift cards will not be refunded. For payments made in cryptocurrencies, the equivalent amount in US Dollar will be refunded in the same cryptocurrency, regardless of exchange rate fluctuations.

iOS Subscription Terms

A auto-renew subscription made on iOS device is valid for one month, one quarter, half year, or one year, depending on the subscription type selected. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account upon confirmation of purchase. Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal at the price listed within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off via Settings > App and iTunes Stores > Apple ID > View Apple ID. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.

Service refusal and termination

Generous VPN has the right to refuse service to any customer without indicating a reason. Generous VPN may terminate any service, assuming a reasonable cause.

Acceptance of terms

By logging in to any VPNTT service, you agree to the VPNTT Terms of Service including all other policies incorporated by reference.